Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where Have All The Funny Ladies Gone

So I've been slacking on the stand up videos lately. Not because I'm not trying, just cause its really hard to find new comedians.....and not because they don't exist. Honestly I was sort of wondering whats up with the lack of female comedians when I'd search for comedy posts for the blog. However today I downloaded this thing called Funny Ladies Episode 4 off Audible (I listen to my i-pod 10 hours a day- if you have recommendations please tell me). So this 48 minute episode is comprised of 5 or 10 minute stand up segments by female comedians in the 90s. I figured the Janeane Garofalo and Caroline Rhea would be cool and all the others would suck cause I'd never heard of them.......but they were hilarious! Unfortunately, none of these other women had stand up videos online anywhere. There were a few short videos of them talking about how they're old and fat now but nothing of the awesome stand-up from Funny Ladies Episode 4.

One of my favorite surprises was Henriette Mantel who was sort of old school in her jokes but in a way where you have probably heard them many times and don't know who they're credited to. She's a brassy broad who doesn't seem to give a shit. Though her stand-up was killer, people my age would know her as Alice in the 90s The Brady Bunch Movie or the woman who throws red paint on Samantha's fur coat in The Sex and The City Movie. Its also interesting to note that she wrote that Ralph Nader movie, An Unreasonable Man, that came out a few years ago. Another I really enjoyed was Nancy Parker who did amazing impersonations. Sam and I just listed to it during dinner and were cracking up at the ridiculous versions of Wilma Flintstone being stoned and horny and Edith Bunker talking about feminine hygiene products. On this recording the model Twiggy even makes an appearance. Did anyone know Twiggy used to do stand up? Anyhow the comedians are Janeane Garofalo, Twiggy, Caroline Rhea, Carole Montgomery, Henriette Mantel, Nora Lynch, and Carrie Snow. They're all great, I highly recommend downloading it off audible or here.

So here are Janeane and Caroline's segments.

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