Monday, September 28, 2009

Cut Peace

The other day when googling Yoko Ono for another post I was really excited to find that fashion collective ThreeAsFour did an awesome collaboration with her for their Spring 2010 fashion show a few weeks ago. I interned for ThreeAsFour for a summer about 5 years ago and I'd seen shows they did with Sean Lennon on piano but this show just seemed like it all went together in a really awesome way. The clothes were inspired by Ono's dot drawing series and went well with ThreeAsFour's devotion to never using straight lines in their patterns. The runway show was inspired by Yoko Ono's famous "Cut Piece" performance with the models cutting the outfit off one model. Yoko and Sean also did the song that plays as the models walk.

Here's the runway show and a short interview.

Here's the original American performance of Cut Piece.

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