Wednesday, September 16, 2009

He Calls 'Em Like He Sees 'Em

Jimmy Carter spoke up once again to tell it like it is.  In this clip he publicly states that representative Joe Wilson was acting out of racism when he yelled "Liar!" in the middle of Obama's speech on health care.  

I'm so glad we have Carter(a former southern white president) around who isn't around afraid to call 'em like he sees 'em.  If only more liberal politicians were 85 years old and therefore had nothing to loose....perhaps the world would be a better place. 

I think this issue of race is an enormous factor in the way some politicians and a certain portion of Americans are treating Obama. Back during elections when I talked to old friends of mine who were in the armed services or had spouses in the armed services they usually said that either way whoever won - they were the commander in chief and their orders were to be followed.  Now I don't believe the rest of us are in any way obligated to follow the presidents orders but I'm shocked at how quickly people are disregarding protocol, law, and general etiquette. I could see bystanders yelling during a G.W. Bush speech - but definitely not a representative. Actually people wearing anti-Bush shirts were arrested at his speeches and even turned out of the National Archives. Now its okay to bring your gun to the president's speeches.

I posted the other day about schools not wanting to show the President's address to school children. I noted that the administration at the school I grew up going to did not want to show the speech.....and yet I just kept thinking about how we were allowed to watch the OJ Simpson verdict. Perhaps there was some way it connected to social studies class but really everyone just wanted to know the verdict. It amazes me that kids can watch accused murders....a black man accused of killing his white wife......but not an educated loving father and husband who also happens to be , oh yeah, the president.

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