Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Yawk Gets A Little Bit Awesomer

Its that time of the give a shit about local politics. The mix of non-stop WNYC, having worked for the WFP, and being greeted at the subway every morning by an assortment of faces running for the District 39 City Council seat has me fully immersed in giving a shit. First of all my favorite guy I've met in the subway so far is David Pechefsky who is running for City Council on the Green Party Ticket. I'm into the fact that he used his time on the Finance Division of City Council to get over $20 million for low income housing. Also he saw my bike helmet and started talking bikers rights so he knows how to get people hooked.

However the real news today is in all the other boroughs.
Debi Rose was the first African American to win the primary and get on the Democratic Ticket for City Council in Staten Island. I feel really close to this win cause I worked the last voting day in Staten Island with the WFP getting people to go vote for her. Having knocked on peoples doors 3 times in one day to say "Did you vote for Debi yet" "How about now" "Okay not yet, well you have 15 minutes- run down there" will make you really care about a candidate. Also Staten Island is way cooler than I'd realized before that day.

Also Danny Dromm and Jimmy Van Bramer became the first openly gay dudes to get on the Democratic ticket for City Council in their respective districts in Queens. Margaret Chin became the first Asian American to get on the Manhattan Democratic ticket for city council. As she pointed out “It’s significant for the whole population to see all Asian-Americans taking political roles for the first in public. The West Coast broke this barrier close to two decades ago.” Chin is a community organizer, affordable housing advocate and former teacher.

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